CUHK Medical School

Our first sharing.
CUHK Medical Visit

Sharing with CUHK Medical School

On 14 August, we went for a sharing session with medical students from CUHK. Each patient was given 5 minutes to share on what they have done in Hong Kong and how they find Hong Kong different from Chengdu. All our patients were very excited when they showed their paintings to the CUHK students. Natalya then spoke on why we started on Art to Heart and what we have done at the art jam. Each patient was then put into 4 different groups, to further let students ask questions and to better understand the lives of these Chengdu patients. At the end, a medical student representative from each group was then chosen to compete on who could speak the most fluent Sichuanese phrase.

It was the first time the patients painted on canvas. They all felt it was a good experience for them to mix different colours and expressed themselves through art. After the sharing, they were presented with their own painting, which they will bring back to their home in Chengdu.

Vice Chancellor Professor Joseph Sung commented our charity was very meaningful and encouraged his students to volunteer with us. The event finished after a photo taking session with the patients holding their paintings with all medical students from CUHK.