Upcoming Events

Art to Heart activities 2014-2015:

  1. Visit to Yao Ai School in Chengdu, Sichuan
  2. Formation of Art to Heart as a NGO recognized by HKSAR Government.
  3. Creation of a website as platform to introduce our patients profile and our key activities (Aug to Oct 2014)
  4. Art jamming with patients from Sichuan at Studio 83 in Hong Kong (Aug 2014) Click here
  5. Sharing with CUHK Medical School students (Aug 2014)
  6. Drive for Peace Chan’s Asian Dream (Aug 2014)
  7. Organize a Art to Heart booth at Rehab Power Day at Victoria Park with HK Rehabilitation Power (25 and 26 Aug 2014)
  8. Art competitions will be conducted at different schools. The final design of a tote bag will be produced and sold. Proceeds will go to obtaining prosthetics to fulfill specific needs of patients (Nov 2014)
  9. Art Jamming at German Swiss International School. Entrance fees will go towards purchase of art material for patients needs (Dec 2014)
  10. Art work done by patients will be sold on Etsy website and Art to Heart website (From Sept 2014)
  11. Mission trip to Yao Ai School in Sichuan. A fun day will be organized for the handicapped students there (Feb 2015)
  12. Continuous assessment will be carried out by volunteer occupational therapists throughout these mission trips to identify solution by using orthotic and prosthetic devices to help patients mobility (existing patients profile attached)
  13. Submit proposal to German International School. Art to Heart hopes to bring German Swiss School students to meet our patients in Sichuan during the School’s discovery week. (Oct 2015)
  14. Art exhibitions will be conducted to showcase and sell artwork of our patients. All proceeds will be used for identification and solution towards improving the patients mobility. (March 2015)
  15. Source new schools where we can conduct our principle activities of improving mobility and introducing art to patients