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In preparation for sailing in the Asian Para Games, Peace trains 3 days a week in Sai Kung. Training requires a lot of time and energy and she hopes to find a state of the art prosthesis to improve her quality of life and support her preparation.

In 2001, Peace found a malignant bone tumour and was treated with chemotherapy, surgery and a knee replacement. Then in 2003, the knee replacement was replaced with a metallic joint following a fracture. Eventually in 2005 she suffered a recurrence and had to undergo chemotherapy and amputation of her right leg. Finally in 2007, another recurrence resulted in another 6 rounds of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately in January of 2011, she was also diagnosed with brain cancer. Since it was located in the region of the brain that controls movement of her left side, doctors decided not to cut out the tumour but use radiotherapy to shrink it instead.

Over the 3 years, she has been using prostheses that are government subsidized. These are of standard issue and will only allow limited mobility. Whenever any part of the prosthetic would malfunction, it would eventually put strain on her gait, her hips and her other leg. Your donation of $60,000 will help Peace fulfill her Asian Games dream.

Pictures of Peace Chan’s Journey

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