Art Jamming

To let them be creative.

Art Jam at Studio 83 HK

Few weeks ago on August 2nd , we conducted an art jam with 4 Sichuan patients who came to Hong Kong with the charity Stand Tall for surgery. They were in Hong Kong for around 3 weeks and since they did not have a chance at school to do art, we decided to give them a chance to be creative and have some fun!

At 10 in the morning, we went to Luk Yu Tea House on Stanley Street in Central to have breakfast with them. We introduced them to traditional Hong Kong style dim sum and we had a great time! They really enjoyed the food and it was great getting to know them.

Afterwards, we went to an art studio called Studio 83 HK to conduct the art jam with them. Trevor, Natalya’s family friend came along to help and guide the patients and Charles, the owner of the art studio also helped out. Our theme was about trees and we showed the patients different patterns and styles, which they could follow. In the end the three girls painted trees of all sorts and the boy that worked with Trevor painted a dog.

Through this art jam, we got to learn more about the patients and let them express themselves through the art. We hope we have inspired them to become more creative individuals and we cant wait to meet with them again!