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A few months ago in March 2014, the three of us went to You Ai School, a disabled school in Chengdu, Sichuan. Our names are Natalya, Robin and Valerie from Hong Kong. We initially went together with “Stand Tall Charity” who helps victims of the Sichuan Earthquake. Our plan for that day was to do art and crafts activities with the students of You Ai, something we enjoyed very much. However, after meeting Doctor Kam Ho, that day turned into the start of a very important project for us and for those that we are helping. Mr. Ho wanted to make prosthetics for disabled people in general – including those not from the school and not limited to those affected by the earthquake. The patients he was looking after could not afford their own prosthetics and unfortunately he, as a non-profit doctor, needed fund to support his cause. After being introduced to his first 11 patients and listening to their stories, we decided to help fund them and in doing so we began Art 2 Heart – a social entrepreneurship that aims to help disabled youth starting with the patients we met in Sichuan.